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May 3, 2011
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You walk silently down the halls of the Phantomhive Manor, a load of clean sheets in your arms. Your maid uniform goes down to a few inches below your knees. You also have on tall black heeled boots and white tights. (Now you're probably wondering why is there another maid in the Phantomhive Manor? What about Meyrin? Well…wait a minute and you'll see!)

"______!" Sebastian calls for you. You turn, your red eyes gleaming slightly in the dim hall. You're a demon, just like Sebastian. But you do not belong to Ciel, no. You are one of Master Sebastian's (as you call him now) servants from the other side. He called you here as help, seeing how the others in the house…do more harm than good. The name Sebastian had just called was appointed to you by Sebastian's master. You walk down the hall. As you stride down the steps, you spot Sebastian. He stands arms crossed at the bottom of the staircase.

"Yes, Master Sebastian?" You ask.

"The Young Master's fiancée is paying the manor a visit. He is refusing to allow me to give him another refreshing course for his dance skills," He says, "Will you teach him?"

"Yes, sir," you say with a bow.

"I shall be accompanying you," he says. You both turn and head back up the steps.
"Now, Young Master," you say, one hand on Ciel's shoulder, the other in his hand, "Place your hand on my waist." He looks down, placing his hand on your waist, a small blush on his cheeks. He mumbles under his breath.

"Good," you say, flashing one of your signature smiles, "Now you always start with your left foot." You take a step back with your left foot, Ciel copying you. He however, steps on your toes. You wince, but maintain your smile.

"Now move into a natural turn," You say. As you do so, Ciel takes too big of a step. His foot goes behind yours, tripping you. You release his shoulders, falling back. But you don't fall. Sebastian catches you, holding you slightly against him.

"Now Young Master," Sebastian says, as he helps you back to your feet, "You did not do this poorly when I taught you."

"Ugh!" Ciel sighs.

"Watch us, sir," Sebastian says, making you face him. He places his hand on your waist. He nods at you. You smile and put your hand on his shoulder, taking his in your other. He counts the beats out loud as you both dance.

"A dance between devils," Ciel laughs, "What an interesting sight."
Elizabeth came over that afternoon.

"Well aren't you such a lovely girl!" She says happily when she meets you. You bow, a kind smile on your face.

"But why do you only wear black?" She says putting her hands on her hips, "You're just like Sebastian. Pretty girls wear pretty colors like pink! And I have some dresses that will look lovely on you!" She grabs your wrist.

"M-My lady, that is not necessary," you say, almost plead as she drags you forward.

"Of course it is!" She says, "Everything has to be cute when I dance with Ciel. Now, let's find a dress to go with those red eyes of yours!" She drags you up the steps. You look at the group and mouth the words "Help me!" Sebastian gives you a smile. Meyrin, Baldroy, and Finnian laugh as you're dragged off. Sebastian glares at them, making them hush.
"Here you go!" Elizabeth says, throwing you a white dress, "That will go lovely with your eyes! Now change!" You do as you're told. As you change, Elizabeth waiting impatiently behind your back, she notices something.

"Is that a tattoo?" She asks curiously. You stiffen up. The tattoo she is talking about is a covenant (similar to the one on Sebastian's hand and Ciel's eye) in between your shoulder blades and two black wing tattoos on both sides. This tattoo is the thing that kept you with Sebastian. They're important to you because he's the one who placed them there.  

"Why do you have a tattoo? Pretty girls shouldn't have tattoos. We'll have to cover these," She says.

"N-No!" You say, turning to face her. She looks at you, both shocked and angry.

"M-My Lady, these…keep me connected to someone important to me," You say softly, your head bowed, "I dare not cover them." She looks at you blankly.

"Oh," she says, "That's kind of sweet! Is it a guy?" She asks.

"Y-Yes," you say, smiling as you get dressed in what she'd given you to wear.
You and Elizabeth walk down the stairs. Everyone looks up at you two. You see that Sebastian had gotten the band assembled and Ciel dressed as Elizabeth told him to.

"Shall we dance?" Ciel bows to Elizabeth when you both reach the bottom of the stairs. You step to the side. Elizabeth takes Ciel's hand and step out. The band begins playing. You sway slightly to the music as you stand beside Finny, Baldo, Meyrin, and Tanaka. Suddenly Sebastian walks up to your group. He bows in front of you, holding his hand out to you.

"A lady should never be left out of a dance," He says looking up at you with a smile, "May I?"

"Yes, sir," you say taking his hand. He leads you out onto the floor. You both take the position as before when teaching Ciel. You both dance gracefully around the floor.

"They look like angels," Finny says.

"I wish I could dance with Mister Sebastian, I do," Meyrin says.

The song ends soon. Sebastian leads you off the floor, leaving Ciel and Elizabeth to dance the rest of the evening. He leads off the floor, but not to the group. He leads you through a door into a dark hall to the side. You can see his red eyes glowing slightly in the dark and your eyes quickly adjust so you can see him fully.

"We never got the chance to dance like that, did we ____?" He says.

"Not once," You say. You lean slightly against the wall, closing your eyes as you listen to the music playing outside. Suddenly when you open your eyes again, Sebastian is in front of you, his right hand on the wall behind you. You look up shocked at him, his devious smile on his lips.

"I have to say," he says putting his other hand on you back and pulling you closer, "You move with the grace of a dove." He runs his hand up your back, tracing the feathers of your tattoos like he can see them.

"Or should I say a raven," he says.

"Master Seba-" You say before he presses his lips against yours. Your eyes go wide. For once, a blush stretches across your cheeks. Sebastian pushes you slightly back against the wall. By now, you give in. You kiss him back, your eyes flutter closed. You arms snake up to wrap around his neck. He moves his hand over your covenant tattoo. It burns slightly and glows through your dress.

"Oh my!" Someone cries, making you two pull apart. You the light from the door blinds you both for a moment. When you can see, you see the whole rest of the household. Meyrin had fainted, Finny trying to wake her.

"Well, well, well," Ciel says with a smile.

"Y-Young Master," Sebastian says, slightly embarrassed, "How long have you been there?"

"Just a few seconds," Ciel says, "Long enough for Meyrin to faint though." You blush bright red and turn your face away from the group. Sebastian laughs. He makes you look up at him.

"It seems I can't hide this from them any longer then," He says, "Shall we my Raven? We must prepare dinner."

"Yes, we must, sir," You say. You both turn down the hall, away from the group. You both walk down the hall, which coincidentally leads to the kitchen. When you two are out of sight, Sebastian takes your hand.

"Shall we continue that later?" He asks, his eyes glowing again.

"Yes, Master Sebastian," You say with a smile, your eyes glowing too.              
Oh yes. ^^ Sebby needs love. Another first on DA I think. For Lovers series wise. :D I actually got this idea in History when we weren't doing anything. Besides making Hetalia references in there, I get a lot of fanfiction ideas. :)

All characters belong to Yana Toboso. :D
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