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November 9, 2010
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You stand on the steps of Central. You just look over the city, trying to clear a few things up in your head. Your State Alchemist uniform flutters slightly in the breeze. You don't hear a certain blonde haired alchemist walk up beside you.

"Hey," Ed says, tapping your arm. You gasp. You look at him.

"Oh, hey Ed," you say rubbing the back of your neck a little embarrassed.

"Want to spar with me for a minute?" He asks, "Winry's fixing Al up a bit and I'm bored."

"Sure," you say with a smile. Fighting always helps you think. You both walk down to the large courtyard in front of in front of Central. Ed walks partially to one side, you going to the opposite. You both face each other. You take off the top of your uniform, leaving the sleeveless shirt you wear under it. On your right arm is a tattoo of a transmutation circle. You smile. Ed turns his automail arm into a blade.
You charge each other. Ed slashes at you, but you flip over him. You face him as he skids to a stop.

"Come on, Shorty," you say, smiling evilly.

"Who are you calling a pipsqueak midget?!" He yells, clapping his hands together. He puts his hands on the ground, sending rocks toward you. You summersault of the closest one, flying toward him. You clap your own hands. Out of a canteen you had strapped to your side, a large jet of water shoots at the fullmetal alchemist. He dodges. You land back on the ground. You clap your hands together again, another jet of water flying toward him. He falls to his knees, whimpering. You run up and kneel beside him.

"Oh my gosh are you okay?" You ask. You weren't meaning to hurt him. He lets out a small chuckle. He kicks up at you. You barely dodge. You hop to your feet as he continues to kick and punch at you. You block his blows. Suddenly your back hits the base of the statue in the center of the courtyard. He pins you to the wall, an evil and triumphant grin on his lips. You try to clap your hands together to attack again, but he pins your arms to the wall. He pulls the canteen off your side and throws it a few feet away.

"I win," he says triumphantly. You let out a chuckle. You still want to mess with him.

"You're still short," you tease.

"Oh yeah, well could a Shorty do this," he says getting a bit angry.

"Yeah, if they caught me off guard and got rid of my water," you say.

"Well…well…" he says getting really frustrated. He suddenly presses his lips to your roughly. Your eyes grow wide from the shock. Your eyes then flutter closed when you start to kiss him back. He gets a bit closer, though still keeping your arms pinned. His kisses grow softer, more loving. You're able to get your hand in his, intertwining your fingers with his. He takes your other hand, intertwining your finger with his like you did.
"Brother!" Al yells, running across the courtyard toward where Ed was standing, "I'm all fixed. You need to go see Colonel…" He stops himself there when he sees what Ed was doing. If Al had had his body at that moment, his cheeks would have been bright red. You open your eyes and see Al. You pull away.

"Hey," Ed says. You blush. He turns to see what you are staring at.  

"Oh, h-hey Al," Ed says blushing himself, "How long have you been there?"

"Um, I-I didn't mean to intrude, b-but Colonel Mustang needs to see you two," Al says, awkwardly. You and Ed nod. Al turns and starts walking back to the main building. You and Ed walk side by side behind him. Ed takes you hand in his. You give his a soft squeeze. You both head for Colonel Mustang's office, leaving Al and Winry behind.

"What were they doing out there?" Winry asks, noticing you and Ed holding hands.

"Um…I'll tell you later," Al says awkwardly.
Oh yes, an Edo Lovers. :D I've been fangirling a lot lately over Fullmetal Alchemist. Hm, figured it was time I wrote this. Who doesn't love Ed? :) Poor Al though. :XD:

All characters belong to Hiromu Arakawa.
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that was so cute!!!!
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:iconpervplz: who doesn't love this sexy midget? :iconfullmetalplz:
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./////. WOW i'm still blushing. i think i read this about six times and not one fangirl emotion changed. I.LOVE.EDWARD......ELRIC. i no that made no sense expecially since this isn't a twilight vs fma thing but still WHO DOESN'T LOVE ED!!!!
ZexionFanGirl123 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
lol glad you enjoyed it! :D
And yeah, Ed is better than that sparkly pixie Cullen. :XD:
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Agreed. XD no prob like i said I.LOVE.ED!!
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Glad you enjoyed it!
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